Calf Feeder

Profitable milk production is dependent upon healthy, high yielding cows. And as today’s calves are tomorrow’s high performance cows, the way you rear them can make all the difference.

De Laval Stainless Steel Water Feeder

This super-hygienic stainless steel bowl offers water flow of up to 22 litres/min, making it ideal for high-yielding dairy cows. Built-in spillage protection helps keep the cubicle dry and clean.

Cow Mats

Strong and comfortable cow mats for your cows, yields you more production.

Steel Cans

Steel milk cans for more heavy duty milk transportation.

De Laval Water Feeder Black

DeLaval C5 is for heifers and calves. This basic, value-for-money bowl supplies five litres/minute which is sufficient for these animals. The black-coated enamel is easy to keepclean.

Plastic Milk Cans

Unbreakable plastic milk cans by Samrudhi. They are strong and durable.